CosmoX Aquanaut Sci-Fi Gel Blaster Pistol – Purple with Glitter

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Unlock the ultimate cosmic firepower with the CosmoX Toys AQUANAUT Galaxy Gel Pistol. Designed to propel you into interstellar battles, this high-performance gel blaster is a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with advanced features and a sleek design, the AQUANAUT delivers unmatched accuracy and rapid-fire capabilities. Dominate the gel blaster arena like a true “star warrior” and experience the thrill of intergalactic warfare. Don’t miss out on the CosmoX Toys AQUANAUT Galaxy Gel Pistol – Order now and embark on an epic journey across the cosmos!

Amazing looking, Safe coloured, well balanced Blaster. Which won’t attract negative attention and is safe the the kids. The colour combination makes it fun and allows for team play.

Featuring an all-round performance experience, this wild and gentle Gel Ball Blaster is ideal for playing at the field or backyard with the family.

Each AQUANAUT gel ball blaster has a high-capacity hopper for maximum blasting and extended playtime. The battery is a quality 7.4v battery which will give you hours of fun and has a built in chip to keep you blaster safe.

One of the coolest features of this blaster, is the ability to customise it’s look. With a few simple plastic bolt, the coloured skins of the blaster can be removed, and swapped for a different colour. We currently stock the Purple and the Blue variations. So if you have 2 kids and you get one of each colour, they can either be blue team or purple, or swap the facias and then be a mix of blue one side, purple the other.


  • CosmoX Aquanaut Gel Blaster Pistol
  • Removeable Muzzle Flare
  • 2 x 50000pc Coloured Gel Balls
  • Good Quality Eye Protection
  • Battery (internal)
  • USB Charging Cable

    or get it now with for $35.00 AUD + 3 payments of $21.67 AUD Learn more